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Races, Racers and Racism collide head-on
Photo Gallery

Some of the pictures from the book:

Fronty-Ford Chevrolet Advertisement: Frontenec racing heads for Model "T" Ford engines, manufactured by Chevrolet Bros. Manufacturing Co. of Indianapolis actually won the 500 repeatedly.

1925 Miller Front Wheel Drive Racer: this car introduced Front Wheel Drive to the Indianapolis 500 mile race.

The photo that spawned the book: first shown to me in 1983 by Herschel W. Gulley, his father (Herschel B. Gulley) is second from the right, standing in the back row. His partner, Johnny Gleason, is believed to be kneeling in the front row, fifth from right. Others in the picture include Charlie Wiggins, kneeling just left of center in white pants, shirt and helmet with a black tie. Charlie White, one of the last riding mechanics at the 500 is believed to be at the far left, kneeling on one knee in the front row. The photo was taken at a Colored Speedway Association race, held in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on July 4, 1929.

The authors at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum: Herschel Gulley standing at left, Steve Percifield at right. A must-see for automobile or auto racing fans, the museum is a treasure trove of history for anyone.

Related pictures of interest not in the book:
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1908 Model T runabout

1923-1927 Model T Tudor Sedan.jpg

1929 Garage area at Indianopolis Motor Speedway

Borg-Warner trophy.jpg

Orange FWD Miller race car

Model T racer

Albert Karnatz in Richard Bros. Special (1929)

1929 Indy 500 winner-Ray Keech.jpg

1929 Louis Chiron Engine.jpg

"Babe" Stapp at IMS (believed to be 1929)

Late 20s board track racers

1925 Miller fwd--1st year at Speedway

1929 Miller FWD

Co-author with picture of 2nd generation Gulley Special (early 30's)

Marmon Wasp at Indy

Barney Oldfield in FWD

Wilbur Shaw